2nd Level Specializing Master in Sports Engineering

17 Set 2018
20 Set 2019

The 1st edition of the 2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in “Sports Engineering” is offered for the academic year 2018/2019 by Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with “Scuola dello Sport – Coni Servizi S.p.A.” and “Città Studi S.p.A”, and it is endorsed by "Città di Torino"

Sports Engineering is a multidisciplinary science which requires expertise in different fields:
from materials science to meteorology, from ICT to biomechanics, from sensors development to statistics, from nutrition to sports medicine. To achieve outstanding performance, an athlete needs the contributes of an entire team, which must successfully communicate by speaking a common language. The Politecnico di Torino, with the participation of the Italian National Olympic Committee School of Sport, has developed and organized the 2nd Level Specializing Master in Sports Engineering. Even though Sports Industry is well established in Italy, no other Italian faculty offers courses in Sports Engineering at any level and the uniqueness of the course in the Italian panorama is one of the strategic advantages of the project. Nevertheless, this 2nd Level Specializing Master, delivered in English, is not only offered to local graduates and companies’ staff but it aims to attract people with different backgrounds to create a new generation of sports technologists and R&D managers for the European Sports Industry.

The learning objectives of the Master Course are classified in two broader categories:
• Materials and Processes: after successfully completing the course, the students will be confident in selecting materials and processes for the state-of-the-art sportswear and sports gear and they will be able to identify new needs and develop new products and services to improve athletes performance and safety.
• Products and Services: the students will develop their skills for sports performance analysis.
By the end of the course, students will be able to design data management and sports analysis systems to support managers, coaches and athletes with the most advanced training systems and to improve audiences experience.

The idea of Politecnico di Torino offering such a postgraduate programme originates from the awareness of the skills, in teaching and research, available in this University in several fields related to Sports

September 2018 to September 2019

This Master will be hosted in the modern campus of Città Studi in Biella, in a social and environmental contest favorable for sports practice, with easy access to skiing areas, lakes, mountain bike and trekking tracks.

Companies, Sport and Public Governing Bodies, National and International Sport Federations and Foundations can contribute to this Master in several ways:
• stage positions/supervised placement;
• industrial expertise development;
• scholarships.
Companies and Federations will benefit from a preferential position in the selection of highly specialized personnel, will avail of the experience of internationally reputed professors and will have a great return in terms of image.

To be admitted to this Specializing Master you must hold a Masters degree (or equivalent, obtained after 5 years of study). Entry requisites and selection criteria, with graduates in engineering, sports science, health sciences, physics, mathematics and other technical courses, will favor the formation of a multidisciplinary group, ideal for a simulating and creative study environmental and to foster team work among the participants.

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